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Act of Commemoration and Celebration

It is very hard coming to terms with the death of someone close. The bereavement process can take months or years. In many cases it never truly ends.

EllenorLions Hospices touches more people?s lives in our community than any other local charity. With over 3000 people receiving our care each year, nearly all of us know someone, or a friend of someone, who has benefitted from that care. Care which is holistic: supporting family and friends as well as the patient.

On-going bereavement support is an essential component of our care. And a particularly strong and important part of this is a commemorative service that celebrates the life that has been lived.

Our ?Lights of Love? services at Christmas time are always well attended. And we have found that these are not just attended by people who have lost loved ones in the previous 12 months. Many people come each year. But, for one reason or another, not everyone is able to attend.

So we would like to encourage you to hold an ?Act of Commemoration and Celebration? during one of your own services during the year ? maybe in the Spring or at Easter time when we, as Christians, can think about new birth; or in the Summer and  Autumn when we give thanks for God?s bounty.

We can supply you with a set of resources to help with this and if you so wish, someone who can give a short talk about the work of the Hospice. Maybe you could also think about taking a collection to support the work we do: we have probably touched the lives of many members of your congregation.

If you would be interested in exploring this further then please contact


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